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N. Korea Sets Congress Date N. Korea Sets Congress Date For Biggest Political Convention In Decades

N. Korea sets congress date for its biggest political convention in decades next week that is expected to bolster young dictator Kim Jong Un’s grip on power. The date set for its congress comes after North Korea is facing mounting […]

Rodman FBI Informant: Agency Questions Rodman On North Korea

Dennis Rodman is actually an FBI informant after meeting them to share details about his new friendship with North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jon Un, and so far it’s beneficial. Rodman explains how he was contacted by the FBI. “I have […]

Dennis Rodman Builds Basketball Camp In North Korea

Dennis Rodman hopes to find “basketball diplomacy” in North Korea. The retired basketball Hall of Famer is going to the “Powerful and Prosperous Nation” to run a basketball camp for children and to play with their top basketball stars. Rodman […]

American Detained In N. Korea For Over 30 Days

The family of a male American tourist, which is of Korean-American descent, is saying that he has been detained by N. Korean authorities for over a month after what was only supposed to be a 5-day visit into the reclusive […]

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