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Passenger Forced To Stand 400-Pound Guy On US Airways

Passenger Forced To Stand - A 400-pound passenger flying to Philly was forced to stand for seven hours on a US Airways flight. After the 400-pound man sitting next to him got settled in, there wasn’t enough room for Arthur Berkowitz to get back into his seat. It didn’t help that getting from Anchorage, Alaska [...]

Real Octopus Walks On Land (VIDEO)

Octopus Walks On Land - The octopus is a strange creature found in the water, but did you know it walks on land? I kid you not. We got the video to prove it. The Animal Kingdom is full of wondrous creatures. We are constantly surprised at what animals are capable of. But this is [...]

Wife Sells Video Game Obsessed Husband On Craigslist, Will Trade

Wife Sells Video Game Obsessed Husband On Craigslist - A wife in Utah has made headlines after she listed her video game obsessed husband for sale on Craigslist. The woman’s ad describes the man as “easy to maintain and only needs food and water every few hours.” Alyse Bradley says she posted the ad “just [...]

MLB Labor Agreement Scores With Players

MLB Labor Agreement - MLB (Major League Baseball) owners and players have agreed on a new labor contract on a deal that for the first time will include blood testing for human growth hormone, according to two people in baseball briefed on the matter. The testing will be a significant step for baseball, allowing it [...]

Brittney Jones On Ashton Kutcher Divorce And Vindication Claims

Brittney Jones On Ashton Kutcher Divorce - Brittney Jones is the one laughing now when it comes to Ashton Kutcher and his divorce from Demi Moore. She claimed she slept with the actor in 2010 after meeting him in a bowling alley. Jones does feel that she has been vindicated since not many people believed [...]

How Do I Dispute Items On My Credit Report By Letter

How Do I Dispute Items On My Credit Report - You should use a dispute letter for credit bureaus, especially when it’s important to correct your report and items that may contain inaccuracies. Consumers can question information about their file online or by letter. Always remember that these agencies agencies are responsible for correcting any [...]

Clint Eastwood On American Politics

Clint Eastwood On Politics - Clint Eastwood is such a passionate fiscal conservative in politics that when he married his second wife, Dina Ruiz, in 1996, he included her finances in his own personal deficit-reduction campaign. “My wedding present to her was paying off her credit cards,” he said. Show business has its clear partisans [...]

Suspect Drops Cigarette And Accidentally Sets Car On Fire

Suspect Accidentally Sets Car On Fire - A woman pulled over by cops who suspect she was driving drunk accidentally set her car on fire when she dropped a lit cigarette, police said. Becky Voss, 20, was pulled over by Louisville, Ky., police who saw her car speeding and weaving early Thursday, police said. When [...]

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