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Georgia Players Arrested Georgia Players Arrested After Firing Daisy BB Gun In Dorm Room, Booked Weapons Charges

Georgia players arrested on weapon charges. Cornerback Chad Clay and defensive lineman Julian Rochester are charged with having a weapon in a school zone. They were booked into jail shortly after midnight Tuesday on a $2,000 bond, according to the […]

NFL Players Union Supports Gay Rights With LGBT Pride T-Shirts

As more NFL players are coming out, their own union is showing support for gay rights by selling LGBT pride T-shirts on its website, in honor of LGBT Pride Month. Homosexuality in professional sports has been a hot topic this […]

Millersville University Players Save Child In Convenience Store Parking Lot

Millersville University players got more than they bargained for to save a child, and it all started with a snack. They decided to walk to a convenience store where they came upon an upsetting scene. But the players: Tyler Thomas, […]

Arrest Made In Players Death From Ferrum College Case

Fairfax County police made an arrest in the recent death of a football player from Ferrum College in southwestern Virginia. On Friday, Zavier O. Stringfellow was found in a minivan in the Vienna area fatally stabbed. The 19-year-old was a […]