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San Francisco Agent Lost Gun San Francisco Agent Lost Gun: ICE Agents Searching For Lost Service Weapon Left On Car

A San Francisco agent’s lost gun has police scrambling after he left it on top of his car before driving off. The agent, for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, reported his service weapon missing in the Ingleside neighborhood Friday morning, according […]

City Sues Monster Beverage For Targeting Kids

The city of San Francisco is suing Monster Beverage for marketing its energy drinks to children, saying the products pose severe health risks. Attorney Dennis Herrera said Monday that company is the “industry’s worst offender” in the extent to which […]

Couple Finds $11,000 Left By Chinese Tourist

One couple got way more than they bargained for after they find$11,000 after going to the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge on Valentine’s day for a romantic outing. The large sum of money was in a black camera bag that […]