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Dog Flu In 26 States Dog Flu In 26 States: Several Dogs Suffer Mild Symptoms As Disease Spreads

The dog flu is now in 26 states as the disease spreads across the country. Two forms of canine influenza have been affecting pets — and in some cases, the disease could be deadly as most people wonder if they […]

Happiest Healthiest States: Americans In Alaska Score Highest For Happiest In Gallup

The happiest and healthiest American states seem to point to the north. According to the Gallup Happiness Index, the happiest are the residents who live in Alaska, scoring highest on a series of rankings called the “five essential elements of […]

States Drop GED Amid Rising Costs For New Test

Many states are about to drop the GED high school equivalency test because of budget concerns that a new version is more costly because it will no longer offer the pencil and paper format. The responsibility for issuing high school […]