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Yearbook Student Wearing ISIS Yearbook Student Wearing ‘ISIS’ Prompts Immediate Concerns From Muslim Advocacy Group

Yearbook student wearing ‘Isis’ prompts immediate concerns from Council on American-Islamic Relations over a recent incident when a Muslim student was misidentified. Bayan Zehlif took to social media early Friday to post an image that shows her yearbook photo. “For […]

App Finds Missing Student App Finds Missing Student Injured Ne mar Railroad Ditch After Beating

An iPhone app finds a missing student who was injured near a railroad ditch in Atlanta. A man was found injured but alive by friends using a smartphone, according to ABC News. James “Jimmy” Hubert, a senior studying aerospace engineering, […]

Student Could Lose Both Hands From Sub-Zero Temps

Student Sub-Zero Temps: A 19-year-old student was found passed out drunk after spending nine hours in frigid weather. The girl tweeted “Yum Yum 10th shot of tequila” just before she fell asleep on her doorstep. Hospital workers now fear Alyssa […]

Student Suspended After Disarming Gunman, Punished By High School

A Florida student was suspended from high school after disarming a gunman on a school bus. The suspect allegedly pointed the weapon at his face and threatened to shoot him. The incident happened on a school bus between two football […]