Kate Upton Horse: Upton Shocks Everyone At Shoot

Kate Upton really flaunted her bouncing assets during a recent modeling shoot where she posed topless on a horse, as the 21-year-old supermodel was seen giggling and stripping down to just a pair of underwear. Upton begins the session fully [...]

Heidi Klum 40 At Hotel Bel-Air Birthday Party

Heidi Klum celebrates age 40 at the Hotel Bel-Air where the supermodel indulged her creative side by sporting a very special birthday hat. Topping her long blonde locks as she made her way to the bash was a huge black [...]

Hottest Supermodel On Earth Seen On Vogue’s June Cover

The hottest supermodel has landed a Vogue full spread in the June Issue that has every man on Earth going crazy. The stunning cover features Kate Upton wearing a bathing suit with teased hair. Upton also makes a major statement [...]

Klum Saves Drowning Son From Ocean Current On Beach

Heidi Klum saves her drowning son after he got swept away by the ocean current during a recent visit to the beach. The supermodel is now being dubbed “Supermom.” The “Project Runway” mother of four was at the beach with [...]

Miranda Kerr Car Crash, Hit By Drunk Driver

Miranda Kerr and her assistant were hit by a drunk driver on Monday. The Australian supermodel was taken straight to the hospital where she received MRI scans. By Wednesday, the 29-year-old mother of one was seen leaving Chateau Marmont, on [...]

Naomi Campbell Mugged In An Attempted Robbery In Paris

Naomi Campbell was mugged in an attempted robbery by two men while in Paris. The British supermodel reported to authorities that on Nov. 21, two men on motorbikes attacked her in the Marais area of Paris. A police source quoted [...]