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Syria Airstrike Syria Airstrike Killed At Least 28 People On Refugee Camp Inside Rebel Territory

A Syria airstrike has killed at least 28 people on a refugee camp inside the rebel-held northern region of the country. Images on social media showed tents destroyed at the Kamouna camp near Sarmada in Idlib province, close to the […]

Kevin Patrick Dawes Released Kevin Patrick Dawes Released After Four Years In Syrian Prison

Kevin Patrick Dawes has been released by the Syrian government after the American freelance photographer was captured after entering the country about four years ago. U.S. officials said the 33-year-old from San Diego was turned over to authorities from Russia, […]

Lindsey Graham Warns About ‘A 9/11 Coming’ From Syria If American Boots Aren’t On Ground

Lindsey Graham said that “there’s a 9/11 coming” after the Paris terror attacks and called for 10,000 American troops on the ground in Iraq and to help fight the Islamic State. The Republican senator said the worst is yet to […]

Arctic Doomsday Vault Arctic Doomsday Vault Opened For Seeds To Replenish Food In Syria

The arctic doomsday vault, hidden inside over 400 feet of rock, sits a huge cache of seeds that are stored, in case of some global emergency. It is known as the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, and today, the first of […]

Angelina Jolie Syria: Jolie Working On New Documentary

Angelina Jolie speaks from Syria in Jordan to document their stories in a new video she’s been working on for years. The Hollywood actress became a special envoy for the United Nations last year. She stepped out with partner Brad […]