Valentine’s Day News Articles

900 Carnations 900 Carnations: High School Student Sent Carnations To Every Girl For Valentine’s Day After Saving Money

900 carnations were passed around by a middle schooler for Valentine’s Day. The carnations were the idea of Hayden Godfrey because he didn’t feel that any girl should feel alone, and after witnessing so many disappointed faces from the same […]

Katy Perry Ring: Valentine’s Gift Dismisses Engagement Rumor

The heart ruby ring that Katy Perry was wearing on Valentine’s Day was a gift from John Mayer, not for wedding engagement. Most likely, the “Part of Me” recording artist put the gift on her wedding ring finger because that […]

Free Divorce On Valentine’s Day For The Unhappy

How about a free divorce on Valentine’s Day? Walter Bentley, who runs a law practice in Southfield, Michigan, is just the man to hire for couples who want an easy breakup. “They won’t have to take out their wallet for […]

New Diet Pepsi Taste Debuts Sweetener On Valentine’s Day

The new Pepsi formula that will soon give their diet soda a sweet taste is expected to be part of the Valentine’s Day relaunch to compete with Coca-Cola products. The launch will begin with an ad campaign on TV at […]