​85 Inch Television by Sharp at CES

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Aug. 6, 2014

An 85 inch TV made its debut on Jan. 7 at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The large television by Samsung sports 8K resolution and glasses-free 3D, which turned heads the premiere with people amazed at the large television.

85 inch TV introduced on Jan. 7

“Given that the world is just beginning to embrace 4K and content for that format is thin on the ground, we won’t be expecting a massive shift into 8K just yet,” said Patrick Goss of TechRadar.com. Goss also mentioned that Sharp “will garner plenty of attention for its 85-inched — developed in conjunction with Philips and Dolby — in Las Vegas as the Japanese giant attempts to prove that 3D is not all about the glasses.”

The new 85 inch TV will probably take up the space of an entire living room wall for most homes, but the theater potential is great. Just image watching the Super Bowl or “The Hobbit” films on such a large 3D unit. In addition, you can add a surround sound system that can compliment the picture.

Chris Smith of the tech website BGR said the massive television won’t be the only thing Sharp will introduce at CES, hinting that playback support will be incredible.

“The company has also announced a variety of new TV models part of the Aquos Quattron+ that will be able to deliver 4K playback support and will come in three classes including 60 inches, 70 inches and 80 inches models,” Smith said on his BGR site.

While the new 85 inch TV might be a little on the edge for most households, experts say that this is only the icing on the cake for Sharp and its new line. In fact, Sharp surprises coming that point closer to Christmas 2014.

“Sharp has put more 60-inch or larger televisions in American homes than any other manufacturer,” Sharp chief executive Toshi Osawa told CES attendees.

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