Adobe Air Replaces Traditional Internet Browsing

According to Adrian Ludwig, spokesman for Adobe “The browser was in the way and the widget, in some instances, was in the way. It’s the willingness to let the brand of the person providing the application to take front and center.”

Adobe says AIR allows a placement on a user’s desktop and reduces the wait time for loading data and images since the desktop is continuously updated while the PC is online.

Since the new AIR application doesn’t run in a browser, it doesn’t have to rely on the buttons for browser navigation, instead it offers a user friendly graphical interface. It also goes beyond the traditional web browser version capability because it keeps recent data cached and doesn’t require a browser refresh to retrieve new content.

Air attempts to bridge the gap between the Web and the desktop by allowing developers to create Internet-connected applications that aren’t restricted by the form and functionality of Web browsers.

Adobe also said the new application service runs on any operating system.

Large online websites such as EBay, AOL, Nickelodeon and the Nasdaq Stock Market have already developed desktop versions of their sites using the software developed by Adobe.