Adobe Flash Mobile Phones

Microsoft announced that it has licensed Adobe’s Flash Lite and Reader, so Windows Mobile users can access to Flash and PDF web content on their smart phones.

Adobe Flash Mobile Phones are common, but this license is a surprising move because Microsoft clearly wants to compete with Adobe on the mobile front.

The software giant announced earlier this month that it was moving its Silverlight web app developer onto Nokia smartphones, with Windows Mobile compatibility coming soon.

“Bringing Flash Lite and Reader LE to the Windows Mobile experience will give consumers more of their favourite websites on the go,” John O’Rourke, general manager of the mobile communications business at Microsoft, said.

However, analysts believe Silverlight will have a tough time taking on Adobe’s dominant Flash player for regular web browsers, but it has a better chance in the mobile market, where Adobe is still bringing Flash Lite technology up to speed.

Apple announced last week that Flash Lite for mobile phones was not good enough for its iPhone.