Photoshop CS4 Offers Windows Vista 64-Bit

Adobe Photoshop CS4, also known as Creative Suite, is also bundled with Illustrator, Dreamweaver and other applications for print and Web design. However, this 64-bit memory addressing program is only for Microsoft Windows Vista.

Photoshop CS4 promises to take advantage of 64-bit CPUs and putting in more bits to access more memory with the amazing ability to work on larger files. The new upgrade also supports higher resolutions with the larger available capacity options.

Unfortunately, Mac users won’t have the upgrade. Photoshop for Mac OS is written using older APIs that don’t allow access to all the latest Mac OS X features. To bring the software up to speed will require a total rewrite, a time-consuming process that could leave Mac users in the cold for some time.

One thing to point out, Adobe did not say whether it will eventually bring a 64-bit version to Mac.

CS4 performance is increased by around 10% over the 32-bit version, and the time it clearly needs to open a file or perform intensive editing procedures will be drastically cut.

Computer specs has also changed, according to Adobe, you will need to have 4 GB of RAM to devote exclusively to Photoshop CS4.

There is no word yet on when Adobe will release Photoshop CS4.