Android And Apple 71 Percent Of Smartphone Marketshare

Android And Apple 71 Percent – The number of consumers who own a smartphone is rising steadily, and according to Nielsen. In fact, it seems that the Apple iPhone and Android-based smartphones are the top choices for people. Nielsen said that the two platforms make up 71 percent of the American cell phone market.

About 44 percent of all Americans now own a smartphone, and in the last three months, 56 percent of people buying a new phone chose the more advanced device, Nielsen found.

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are dominating app downloading, too. Nielsen found that 83 percent of apps downloaded in the past 30 days were purchased on either an Android phone or an iPhone.

Android is the top mobile operating system with 42.8 percent of the market, divided among phones from HTC (15 percent), Samsung (10.1 percent), Motorola (10.4 percent), and other handset makers (7.2 percent).

Nielsen said Apple’s iOS accounts for 28.3 percent of the OS share, while RIM’s BlackBerry has captured 17.8 percent.

Though Android is leading the platform race, Nielsen said Apple still holds strong as the number-one smartphone manufacturer in the United States.

In a report about U.S. mobile market released earlier this month, Nielsen’s data showed that Android was the only mobile OS to grow its share in the third quarter.

Worldwide, Google’s mobile platform is even more dominant, taking 52.5 percent of the market in the third quarter, according to recent data from Gartner. Symbian is still number two, with a 16.9 percent share, though that’s less than half of what it had last year (36.3 percent). Gartner said Apple is in third place with 15 percent.