AOL announces AIM features with Google

When AOL first integrated their real-time chat into Google’s “Gmail” last February, the two renowned companies have been planning more features to further compliment the subsequent applications from both companies.

The ambitious goal was to let users switch between e-mail clients and instant messaging while maintaining a history of chats and e-mails combined in conversation threads.

Google has expanded the AIM features with AOL by adding AIM Buddies right inside Gmail.

Once inside Gmail, simply click on the upside-down triangle contiguous to “set status here” and then select “Sign into AIM” from the drop-down. Once you have entered your AIM login information, your AIM contacts will appear immediately with your Gmail contacts. The feature also allows you to select an AIM contact and chat directly with them instantaneously.

However, there is a catch. The new feature is only available to the users who use English Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2. However, Google joining hands with AOL for new combined chat tools might be a start of further things to come.

The new service is only available in the newest English version of Gmail. AOL says that other languages will be available soon.