Apple TV Delayed

Apple announced that its new Apple TV 2.0 software update has been delayed for approximately 1-2 weeks. The first glimpse of the update was proudly shown at the Macworld Conference & Expo by CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple TV software will actively allow customers to rent movies on the iTunes Store directly from their widescreen TV. The price for the Apple TV has been lowered to $229 in the United States.

The new software will be free of charge to existing Apple TV owners.

DVD-quality iTunes Movie Rentals are priced at $2.99 for library titles and $3.99 for new releases, with high definition versions available for one dollar more. Purchases downloaded to Apple TV are automatically synced back to iTunes, and are transferable to iPods as well as iPhones.

Apple TV connects to a wide array of widescreen TVs and home theater systems. The device ships standard with HDMI, component video as well as analog, and optical audio ports. Apple TV, which includes the Apple Remote, is available via the Apple Store for $230 (40GB) or $330 (160GB).