Apple releases OS X Leopard for Mac

Apple has released the long anticipated upgrade to OS X Leopard operating system for the Mac. The Macintosh company said there are over 300 new features including a new Desktop.

Leopard was pushed back for months as Apple engineers needed to devote time getting the iPhones to market last June.

The OS X for Mac has new features that include new iChat video-conferencing modifications to allow people linked via web cameras to share slide show presentations, playfully distort their pictures or insert fake backdrops.

Time Machine was upgraded after it was inspired by a survey that indicated only 26 percent of Mac users regularly backed up information on their machines to avoid losing it forever in system crashes. The feature automatically copies music, pictures, applications, files and everything else a person puts on their Macintosh, which can be retrieved easily by pressing a keyboard button.

The Mac operating system enables people to remotely search for files on all computers connected to their network.

In a nutshell, the Leopard operating system for Mac is probably going to become a strong rival to Microsoft Vista. So far the reviews for Leopard are good while Microsoft has faced critism over its Vista operating system. Microsoft has extended XP support for at least another year.