iPhone Debuts in Germany and Britain

iPhone is now making its launch in Germany and Britain, as Apple rolls out the gadget to across the Atlantic Ocean.

The anticipation of the launch of the iPhone in Europe could not get any higher as many tech-savvy consumers are dying to get their hands on the big Apple gadget as the iPhone is now on sale in the European market.

Apple will be selling the iPhone in Britain for what equals out to $556. This is actually higher than the price in the United States. Needless to say though eager consumers over in Britain may not care about the realistic price hike. Shops run by Carphone Warehouse and O2, the carrier that will provide cell service for the phone in the U.K., were getting ready to fill demand for the phone.

In Germany there is more of the same as they are even paying more than Britain. The price of the iPhone is equaled to $587.41. One shop in Cologne carefully opened just after midnight to some 350 would-be buyers already lined up.

Some experts say the iPhone will likely not have the immediate market penetration that it did in the United States, but others clearly say it’s way too early to tell. Apple is very confident for its European success.