iPhone update now available

Apple has posted an update for the iPhone, bringing its software to version 1.1.2. The update is available for download from Apple’s Web site weighing in at about 160MB.

The 1.1.2 update is the iPhone’s first international software release; it’s being distributed on the same day the iPhone goes on sale in Europe. As a result, one significant change in the software is the International support in the settings area. You can adjust region formats for date, time and phone numbers.

Other changes include the ability to display the phone’s battery charge in iTunes, a new “Custom” section for ringtones, and a few other changes.

For potential iPhone hackers, it’s worth noting that Apple has patched a Safari TIFF exploit that could be used to “jailbreak” the iPhone (that is, used to unlock it to install third-party applications not sanctioned by Apple) under version 1.1.1. However, sources report that 1.1.2 has already been cracked — details are expected to be actively produced by the usual sources soon.

iPhone code for the 1.1.2 update was released last night by the same people responsible for the JailBreakMe program. It’s not clear whether the 1.1.2 update disabled phones that had been unlocked to run on other mobile networks, as was the case the last time Apple released an iPhone update. The update has only been live for about 12 hours, and reports are still trickling in.