Apple iPhone to sell in China Mobile

Apple is very close on making a giant deal with China Mobile who wants to sell the popular iPhone in China. China Mobile is the world’s biggest wireless operator by subscribers and their customers want the suitable product.

In a nutshell, China Mobile wants to sell the iPhone and Blackberry handsets for the same reason, and that’s to hopefully get people to spend more money. This would also give Apple a huge product boost in one of the largest markets in the modern world.

China Mobile would be a good catch for the company. It is the world’s largest mobile operator, boasting almost 350 million subscribers at the end of September. The Asian company said a tentative deal hasn’t been reached yet because both sides haven’t agreed on a revenue-sharing arrangement, but a source close to the relevant discussions say the iPhone will begin selling in Asia next year.

However, China Mobile is also a member of Google’s Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of technology and service companies that will develop products based on Google’s Android mobile phone platform, which will be a competitor for the iPhone.

Over 60 million people are using the China Mobile service, and over 240 million music ringtones have been downloaded.