Blu-ray Disc Household Awareness Rates 60 Percent

According to a recent study, published by media research firm Interpret, finds that 60 percent of US consumers are aware of Blu-ray Disc, up from zero two years ago, when the format was still in its early stages.

“It’s an intermediate step DVD didn’t have,” said Jason Kramer, chief strategy officer, Interpret. “But it’s also a huge opportunity for studios to work with consumer electronics companies to get consumers to both at the same time.”

What’s more significant is that the survey of consumers age 18-54 was conducted in mid-January, after Warner Home Video threw its support exclusively behind Blu-ray which was before Toshiba abandoned its rival HD DVD product.

Studios and consumer electronics manufacturers supporting Blu-ray Disc have been ratcheting up their own promotional efforts and encouraging retailers to devote more floor and shelf space to the next-generation format.

Blu-ray disc awareness is also at 76 percent among men 18-34, the critical “early adopter” demographic.

The 10.3 million US homes with a high-definition disc player represent 9 percent of all households. DVD penetration, by contrast, is at 91 percent, which Kramer calls “the saturation point.”

The 9 percent figure includes Sony’s PlayStation 3, with a built-in Blu-ray drive.

Internationally, Blu-ray has even further to go than it does in the US. Awareness is at 56 percent in Great Britain, 49 percent in Germany, 45 percent in Japan and just 30 percent in France.