Cheaper Smaller iPhone Nano – Tiny Mobile Device Gadget (PHOTO)

Cheaper Smaller iPhone Nano – Tiny device. Cheaper and smaller iPhone that could be Apple’s next nano project to compete with Android. Apple is hoping to stem Android’s rise with a new model of the mobile device.

Think of it as the “iPhone 4 Nano” that is not only smaller, but cheaper in price. The information went public after “people who have been briefed on the plans,” according to Bloomberg. In fact, the new version of the smartphone would sell for around $200 with a two-year contract.

“Apple also is developing technology that makes it easier to use the iPhone on multiple wireless networks.” Rumors that Apple was planning an “iPhone Nano” have been around for years. In 2008, there were several reports that Apple would would launch the iPhone Nano in time for Christmas.

The latest version of the device comes with CDMA, a feature that is fully compatible with Verizon’s network. Apple is expected to unveil the 5th-generation model in June of this year. It will be out much sooner than expected.