Dell Agrees To Sell Sun Solaris Servers

Dell has agreed to install Sun Microsystems’s Solaris operating system in some of its servers. The official announcement signals a new latest truce with a former rival.

The chief executives of both companies publicly announced the multiyear partnership together on stage at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. Financial terms of the mutual agreement were not disclosed.

Furthermore, the two international companies will also collaborate in securing mutual support from key ISVs for Solaris on Dell PowerEdge servers.

Solaris was released by Sun back in 2005 under an open source licence. At present time, the server OS has passed the 12 million downloads milestone.

In some ways, the deal was a long time coming. The favorable deal generously provides Sun a way to grab more of the high-margin software support contracts that have made Linux distributor Red Hat an amazing success. One-third of Solaris users are using Dell’s servers.

The deal is a turnabout for the two companies. Sun and Dell have been clawing at each other for more than a decade. Last year, Sun grabbed back the No. 3 spot in the server market from Dell.

Dell and Sun are trying to wring sales out of customers who are going in different directions.