Dell Offers Windows XP Beyond Deadline

Dell, Inc announced on Friday that it will offer Windows XP operating system to their personal computer customers after the June deadline.

Microsoft has scheduled to pull the Windows XP operating system from store shelves on June 30 in an effort to upgrade customers to Windows Vista.

“We are now offering an optional Dell-provided service to install Windows XP Professional for a customer while also providing the customer with a Windows Vista license and Windows Vista operating system DVD,” Dell said in a statement.

However, there is a catch. Customers would be required to purchase a copy of Windows Vista to participate in the XP offer.

Though it has been widely reported that the Dell downgrade option would be good through 2010, upon the release of Microsoft Windows 7, Dell now says the program will last as long as Microsoft supports it.

The announcement comes after CEO Steve Ballmer suggested earlier this week that Microsoft might change its mind and extend Windows XP if customers asked for it. Even so, he said most new systems ship with Vista, and to date they haven’t seen customers asking for Windows XP.

Microsoft has already announced that Windows XP will continue to be available specifically for ultra low-cost systems that do not meet the system requirements for Vista.