Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem Unveiled

A group of companies that include Hollywood studios, retailers, ISPs and technology companies have unveiled DECE. The new technology is a video world known as the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem.

The group, calling itself DECE, is working on a uniform digital media experience . It will actively allow consumers to copy content from Web sites onto household playback devices. Users will also be able to burn content on physical media.

The proposed plan would provide customers with a virtual library. The library is then used for digital video purchases. This content can then be stored or retrieved in a manner similar to accessing an email account.

While the group announced the new system that calls for interoperability of devices and websites. Further details will not be announced until January at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The plan calls for a logo design that will be placed on products and websites. Consumers will then know that those products and services are compatible with DECE standards.

The group is currently developing specifications for license requirements. Device makers can then license and use the logo to associate their device or compatibility. Consumers will then know that the device meets DECE standards and will play.

The DECE digital framework is different from Apple’s iTunes ecosystem model. However, the group is encouraging Apple to join the new standard.