Ebay Auction Reveals Military Equipment

The US Government Accountability Office confirmed that the sensitive equipment could indeed be found for sale to the public via Ebay and Craigslist online auctions. The recent discovery has alarmed military authorities.

The items were discovered during an undercover investigation which unveiled high power night-vision goggles, those currently being used by US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other equipment found were parts from F-14 fighter jets, ones currently used by the Iranian air force.

“Many of the sensitive items we purchased could have been used directly against our troops and allies, or reverse engineered to develop counter measures or equivalent technologies,” the GOA report said.

Undercover investigators purchased two parts from F-14 fighter jets, a warplane model that has been discontinued by the US army.

The GOA report said “nuclear biological chemical gear” were also found for sale on the websites. Other materials for sale were Kevlar vests, flak jackets and gas masks.

Representatives from both eBay and Craigslist said that while they were fully on board with the regulation of illegal sales being advertised on their websites, they could not fully account for all transactions.

Authorities believe the items were stolen military equipment.