Facebook Privacy Controls Unveiled

The new privacy controls unveiled will allow users to preserve social distinctions between friends, family and co-workers online. The group privacy features take advantage of “friends lists,” a feature add-on that the company formally released in December to assist members on organizing their friends info groups.

The group private lists allow users to send messages to a selected friends list, or by filtering what personal details various groups can see.

The privacy controls will gradually help users to create and manage lists of friends that are granted different levels of access to member profile information.

The new features are the company’s response to recent strong criticism that the social networking site left users exposed to previously private information.

Facebook also confirmed recent reports that it is working on a new instant messaging chat feature that runs inside Facebook.

The new chat add-on, called Facebook Chat, will not require users to download any special software, and will be introduced in a matter of weeks. The chat feature will allow members to hold spontaneous live conversations with their friends on the social site.