Firefox Patches Password Glitch

Mozilla Corporation released Firefox version 3.0.3 to fix its password manager. The previous release disabled the ability to recall or save new passwords on Web sites.

Firefox version 3.0.3 is now available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and the Linux operating system.

Meanwhile, Internet Explorer and Firefox saw their Web browser market share drop during the month of September. Google Chrome made several users convert to its new browser. However, recent statistics are showing some of those users are switching back.

Internet Explorer still held strong in the market with nearly 72 percent. Firefox averaged 19 percent of the market share. Apple Safari came in third place with nearly 7 percent. Safari is actually a surprising number by most Web browser analysts.

Google Chrome took over Opera’s fourth place position with nearly 1 percent share of the market.

Internet Explorer version 8 did nothing to improve its appeal to users, but it is far from diving. It lost only 1 percent during the month of September.

Overall, it is IE and Firefox that are the Web browser leaders. The recent numbers demonstrate that Google Chrome climbed a bit, but probably by users wanting to download and try the software.