Flip Video Mini Debuts

Pure Digital Technologies has released its Flip Video Mini device which allows videos to be sent through email. Mino was designed as a follow-up to the tiny Flip camcorder.

Flip Video Mino has a cleaner and more elegant look with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, sensitive buttons and a thinner appearance. The new device is about 40 percent slimmer than the Flip cam recorder.

The new camcorder is very easy for users to edit their videos. It has a lock button to avoid accidental delete of videos and a mute option for camera sounds useful for recording during speeches, wedding ceremonies or other events.

The video recording device enables publishing on MySpace, as the prior software only allowed video sharing with YouTube and AOL Video. The device makes it very easy for users to edit their videos in just a few minutes.

Flip Video Mini is priced at $180.

The Flip Video camera line was first introduced in September 2007. The Flip Ultra, the previous model, has been the best-selling camcorder on since the day of its debut, capturing about 13% of the camcorder market.