Girls Around Me App Pulled From Online Store

A girl tracking app called ‘Girls Around Me’ has been pulled for download from the App store. The program initially sparked controversy because it would allow for anyone to find out personal information about kids in your neighborhood without their knowledge.

The app would pull information from Google Maps, Facebook and Foursquare to calculate where a certain person was last located. The people being tracked would not know about it if they did not have their privacy settings on the social networks properly set.

After an article by ‘Cult of Mac’ denouncing the ‘creepy ‘ app stated that most social-networking site’s default privacy settings have to be changed upon someone signing up, in order to protect their privacy but are not aware of that, Foursquare decided to cut ties to the app.

“We follow the geo-social trend for mobile devices that is supported by numerous location sharing services, networks and apps. Many other mobile apps provide the same or more extended functionality using location data provided by APIs of major social networks, i.e. or Sonar,” Foursquare stated.

“Girls Around Me does not allow anonymous usage of the app. It is impossible to search for a particular person in this app, or track his|her location. The app just allows the user to browse the venues nearby, as if you passed by and looked in the window,” it added.

Meanwhile, maker of the app, SMS Services says that it plans to re-introduce the app after some changes, but also stated that, it is “technically impossible to stalk, track or trace a particular person” using Girls Around Me.

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