Google Gears Enhances MySpace

MySpace, the world’s most popular social network, will enhanced functionality of MySpace mail using Google Gears, giving users the ability to search and sort their mail in real-time.

“Gears extends the browser by taking advantage of storing data from the cloud on the user’s local machine,” said Allen Hurff, senior vice president of engineering at MySpace.

Gears empowers users with large inboxes and huge numbers of friends to search and sort their mail quickly. Rather than clicking through page after page to find a specific message, users can now type in any keywords related to the message and the results show up in real time.

The new tool marks the largest third party implementation of Gears and the first time a search and sort mail functionality has been made available on MySpace.

“Our goal here is to broadly make the Web work better,” Google vice president of product management Sundar Pichai said.

Gears will store e-mail data on a MySpace member’s local computer, which then speeds the process of searching messages by name, subject, content, date or other attributes.

More than 170 million e-mails daily are sent by users of the social-networking sites.