Google Unveils 13 Features for Gmail Labs

Google, Inc has launched a new service called Gmail Labs which includes 13 experimental features in its e-mail program. Gmail users should now see a tab on the site to access the new services.

Gmail Labs will be a proving ground to experiment with new Gmail ideas. Previously such testing had been done internally, but just as Google does with other applications such as Blogger In Draft, they are opening up the tests to the public. The name is of course derived from Google Labs, where the search giant tests out many new products before officially launching them.

Some of these new features include: quick links, superstars, pictures in chat, fixed width font, custom keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures, which was at the event held at the Googleplex recently in Mountain View, California.

The 13 features include: Quick Links, Signature tweaks, Superstars, Pictures in Gchat, Hide unread count, Custom keyboard shortcuts, Mouse gestures, Random signatures, Custom date format, Muzzle, Snake game, Email addict and Fixed-width fonts.

Gmail Labs was created out of the desire to get more features to users faster. Google did something similar last October when it launched Google Enterprise Labs to hasten the availability of search innovations for Google’s business customers.