Google Chrome Web Browser Unveiled

Google Inc unveiled the news on Tuesday that it will offer its own Web browsing software. The product is called “Google Chrome” which will render faster video enriched content and will offer more complex Internet applications.

Google Chrome will include a JavaScript Virtual Machine called V8 in an effort to improve browser performance. The browser will offer tab buttons on the upper side of the window and not below the address bar. Tabs will be different than traditional ones seen in Firefox.

The address bar includes auto completion features. These features are called “Omnibox” which offers search suggestions, top pages you’ve visited and even a list of pages you didn’t visit.

Chrome offers a unique privacy mode. You can create an “incognito window“ where nothing is logged or saved on the computer.

Another interesting feature is Google’s new malware and phishing prevention. The new Web browser downloads a list of harmful sites that are updated instantly.

Google said it will introduce a public trial of the browser for Microsoft Windows users this week.

The company is also working on versions for Macintosh and Linux users.