Google Offers $10 Million for Ideas

Google Inc is celebrating its 10th anniversary by offering 10 million dollars for technology-driven ideas that could change the world.

Google promises to divide the prize money between the five best ideas that spring from its Project 10 to the 100th, a reference to the numerical sum “googol” from which the Internet powerhouse took its name.

“Our company’s very name expresses our goal of achieving great results through smart technology that starts small and scales dramatically over time to have a tremendous long-term impact,” Google said in a statement.

“Project 10 to the 100th is a similar attempt to produce those kinds of scalable results by harnessing our users’ insights and creativity.”

The deadline for submitting ideas to Google is October 20. A panel of Google employees will pick 100 top submissions to be announced on January 27, 2009.

Google users will then vote to determine 20 semi-finalists, from which a Google advisory board will select five winners. Winners will be announced in February.