Gmail now supports mobile phone search

Google has updated its mobile Gmail client and there are a host of improvements. One of which, is the new search feature.

The mobile Gmail client has always had its strong points and weak points. Score four for Google, though, because it bolstered the mobile client with some truly useful updates.

Not only does it look more like the Web version of Gmail, but it is also faster. It has been streamlined for fewer clicks to get to your inbox. Google also has reduced the amount of data the application consumes. This will save money for those who have limited data plans, but it also means that mails will load and send faster.

One of the biggest weak points of the previous version is that the mobile client didn’t always sync well with the standard version. Often you would send an e-mail from your phone and it would fail to appear in the Sent folder in the Web Gmail app. Well, this is no longer a problem. Google has fixed it so that e-mails sent from phones will now always appear in the Web version of Gmail.

Perhaps the greatest improvement is what Google is known best for, and that is searching. Google once again enhances the ability of the mobile phone.

Google The free online storage for Gmail will increase gradually in the next few days. The announcement was made by Rob Siemborski, an engineer with Google’s webmail service, on the company’s official Gmail blog.

Google is also boosting Gmail to hold more storage. The Standard and Education Edition storage currently stands at 2GB. Businesses or individuals using the Premier Edition (paid service) will be upgraded from 10GB to 25GB at the same price. Now that’s a lot of e-mail storage. Imagine the media you can send!