Gmail updated for mobile phones

Gmail, the popular web based email service, now has an option for mobile phones to connect using IMAP.

Mobile phones that use IMAP access allows e-mail remote clients to remain in sync regardless how or where you connect from. For example, if you have multiple mobile devices, your information can be synced across all devices keeping e-mail the same everywhere else you might access from.

Google is offering the service at no charge and users can begin using the option from their Gmail account using the Settings tab. However, the search engine giant is still enabling the service, so if it doesn’t show up in your account yet, it should be there within a day or two.

VersaMail customers won’t be able to use the new Gmail IMAP access; Google says that it�s unsupported.

IMAP stands for “Internet Message Access Protocol”, also known as just IMAP or IMAP4. It was previously known as the Internet Mail Access Protocol (note the difference in “Message” and “Mail”). The protocol is an application layer that allows a local client to access e-mail on a remote server. In this case, it’s the Gmail server. Nearly all modern remote e-mail clients support IMAP. The current version for IMAP is v4.0 revision 1.