Google TV Ads, Nielsen to provide data for targeting

Google and Nielsen have announced plans to place ads on TV. Nielsen said it will provide demographic data so that Google can better equip advertisers and agencies with comprehensive information.

Google TV Ads will also help advertisers create better ad installments for viewers to maximize the return on their spending.

This Google-Nielsen partnership will provide statistics on how many people are watching the advertisements to help better understand which ads might be performing better than another.

The Google AdWords report center will show specific ads and performance within 24 hours after they are released. The ads are bought using an auction model where demographic, day part and channel can be targeted. Ad pricing is based on a CPM platform.

Google started the TV Ads as a trial this summer where companies like Intel, E*Trade and participated.

On October 1 of this year, Google released a new product called “Video Units,” a self publishing platform to display targeted video content within a customized player that’s ad-supported. The videos are seen on YouTube.

David Calhoun, Chairman and CEO of The Nielsen Company, said the strategic relationship with Google was a great fit. The relationship between both companies will expand in the months ahead on ways to embrace new technologies and to help expand the ad base to potential advertisers.