Google mobile phone will come with bundled software

Google announced that it will launch a new mobile phone within the next two weeks as rumors and speculations are on the rise.

The one thing we do know is that the Internet giant will offer a new mobile operating system from companies HTC and LG. It is not known if both companies are involved but Gphone (Google Phone) is entering a crowded market, and will have to offer something more than just an open software platform if it’s going to stand out.

People familiar with the Gphone situation is going to unveil a mobile operating system that include bundled software for popular Google service like Gmail and YouTube, and also be open to third-party developers.

Google has supposedly talked with companies like HTC and LG about producing devices to run its new operating system, and also met with wireless service providers like T-Mobile USA and Orange to discuss offering it on their networks.

Any smart phones running Google’s new operating system will have to compete with several other open platforms that are already established, including Symbian/S60, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Palm OS.

The new smartphone launch should get interesting with Google’s new mobile phone bundle.