Google OpenSource Dominates

Google is offering new APIs for social networking sites to build and host applications on the fly, and now more sites including have adopted the OpenSource standard putting Facebook’s desired standard in jeopardy.

OpenSource is a new program model that is already revolutionizing the way people socialize on the Internet by bringing features to websites, web applications, and social networks. The standard supports casual personal interaction among simultaneous users and many sites believe it’s the perfect way for a renowned company to build regional partnerships in the forthcoming Web 2.0 sphere.

Facebook was recently purchased by Microsoft for $240 million. On the eve of the transaction, Google announced its new OpenSocial set of social networking APIs which will ultimately end Facebook’s competitive niche for providing 3rd party developers with application tools. In other words, Google is already setting the accepted standard with or without Facebook.

This new OpenSocial API will enable developers to build social networking applications that especially appear on any site that adheres to the OpenSocial standard. So, for example, you could be at a classified ad site such at craigslist, and you could filter results based on recommendations from people within your group. With OpenSocial, the entire Web can in essence become a social networking site.

Facebook clearly isn’t going away, but its sky-high valuation will shrink. It will ultimately become just one more site in a constellation of others, and not necessarily the brightest one, nor the financial commitment by Microsoft.