Google To Outsell iPhone Using Android

Google’s mobile platforms chief Rich Miner says that Android, a completely open source product available to developers, will be more popular in demand than the Apple iPhone.

For one reason, Android’s approach with open source allows developers to have more control over building their cell phone applications. This guarantees a farther reach than the iPhone because it broadens the market and actively allows a multitude of mobile phone companies to list it on more carriers.

Apple’s tight grip on the iPhone has often come up in criticism over company’s complete control strategy. Apple has locked the iPhone to only a small list of approved carriers which could eventually backfire.

Developers are also noticing Android more than the iPhone SDK. Android’s SDK has been downloaded about 750,000 times while the iPhone SDK interests have peaked just over 100,000 times.

Apple has managed to sell some four million or more phones, however, some doubt the company’s will meet its own 10 million unit sales goal for 2008 unless it significantly broadens its market worldwide.

Android will make its initial debut during the second half of the year.