Google Set to Launch Android by Featuring GPS, Touch-Screen and Trackball

Google Inc is set to debut Android in New York on Tuesday. Android is Google’s open source operating system for mobile phones. T-Mobile will be the first carrier to use Android.

“The Android platform is a newly developed, open source environment that is in its infancy, and Telecom will closely monitor its uptake and stability with customers before we launch devices,” Telecom spokeswoman Rebecca Earl said in a statement.

HTC’s new Dream handset will include features that Apple Inc’s iPhone doesn’t have. One feature is the ability to cut and paste text in e-mails. The smartphone is expected to combine features of the iPhone and the BlackBerry.

The Dream will let developers distribute new add-on applications available from the Android Market. The Android Market is similar to the Apple App Store. Other features include a touch screen, slide-out keyboard, a trackball, built-in GPS and will support Google’s recently released Chrome web browser.

The G1 (Google 1 Phone) is expected to go on sale in October. It is expected to cost about $199.