Google Siri Rival Expands Voice Actions For Android

Google is expanding its Voice Actions by developing a similar Siri function for the Apple iPhone. However, Voice Actions is now available on most Android phones.

According to, the company is planning to add a natural language processing feature to Google Voice Actions that is similar to their rival competitor’s Siri functions.

Voice Actions allows users to give commands by saying keywords such as “send text to”. However, the updated software could allow it to respond to commands by using more natural verbiage, similar to their rival.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the feature has been codenamed “Majel,” after the woman who does the voice of the computer in Start Trek: The Next Generation.

It’s expected Google will use Majel for search queries at first, and will incorporate other commands such as controlling phone and app actions down the line similar to Siri functions.

According to reports Majel could be released before the end of the year.