HD DVD Refunds Announced

Wal-Mart is the latest retailer to offer refunds to HD DVD shoppers from the 2007 holiday season until April 30.

HD DVD buyers need only to provide the player and their original receipt to get the refund; it’s not necessary to return the box in which it came.

Wal-Mart joins Circuit City in offering refunds or similar incentives for customers to return their HD DVD players.

Best Buy and Amazon are also offering HD DVD buyers $50.

“New technologies don’t always work out as planned. We at value our customer relationships more than anything and would like to support customers who purchased these players by offering a credit good for $50 off any products sold by”

Individuals who bought more than one player were awarded a $50 credit for each, up to 10 units. Although Amazon encourages the gift cards be used on Blu-ray devices or HDTVs in its e-mail, it also continues to stock HD DVD players and discounted HD DVD discs.

Amazon has sent the offer to anyone that purchased the player before February 23, 2008.