Hulu’s Online Television Sharing Goes Live

Hulu goes online March 12 which represents News Corp. and NBC Universal in an online video sharing strategy that will feature clips and full-length TV episodes.

NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker has described Hulu as a potential lure for advertisers who like online video, but are more comfortable with professionally produced content in contrast to the grainy or amateur material which is found on YouTube.

Among big companies who joined for Hulu’s beta test are Cisco Systems, Intel, Unilever, General Motors, Nissan and Toyota.

Hulu videos also include programs from Bravo, CNBC, E!, Fox News, Fox Sports, FX, Oxygen, National Geographic Channel, SciFi, Sundance Channel, TV Guide, and USA Network. Movie studios 20th Century Fox and NBC Universal have full length movies on the site.

Internet users on the site can embed clips in websites or e-mail them to friends as long as the ads travel with the content.

The video sharing site goes online at the same time television networks are initially starting to consider the online market, when marketers commit more than $9 billion to the primetime fall lineup for network TV.