Intel Atom Compliments Mobile Internet Devices

Intel Atom Compliments Mobile Internet Devices

Intel Atom is aimed at Mobile Internet Devices and the Intel Centrino Atom technology for portable devices for longer battery life.

The international chip maker has announced five new Atom processors as well as the Intel Centrino Atom technology for portable devices, which includes a single-chip with integrated graphics dubbed the Intel System Controller Hub that gives mobile devices PC-like capabilities.

The Intel Atom processor, which is energy efficient, is the company’s smallest and fastest chip under 3 watts and smaller in size.

The Intel processors for Mobile Internet Devices (MID) will begin shipping this summer. However, consumers are already buying devices that are internet enabled, with portable devices such as the iPhone and other smartphones already finding a niche market. Intel though is expecting the Atom processors to be used in next-generation, internet-based portable video players and navigation devices.

“Mix in the incredible innovation coming from our fellow device makers and software vendors, and we will change the way consumers will come to know and access the World Wide Web. These forthcoming MIDs, and some incredible longer-term plans our customers are sharing with us, will show how small devices can deliver a big Internet experience,” Anand Chandrasekher, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Ultra Mobility Group, said.

The new Intel chips may prove to be an additional source of revenue for the company, which was forced to revise its gross profit margin forecast for the first quarter in March. It blamed lower prices for flash memory chips for the reduction, saying it was soon expecting its first quarter gross profit margin to be 54 percent, plus or minus a percentage point, compared with mid-January’s forecast of 56 percent.

RealNetworks has also announced that it will release a new RealPlayer optimized for Intel-based mobile devices. The new player will include a simplified business model that covers licensing, royalties and reports. The application also has bundled codecs and the essential ability to play browser content or use the application as a stand-alone media player.