Intel Centrino 2 Chip Includes WiMax for Faster Transmissions

Intel Corp on Tuesday launched the next-generation of its Centrino wireless chip that it hopes will provide a new revenue stream amid a broader push into mobile technologies.

The new Intel Centrino 2 processor arrives after a delay of several months and was decidedly lower key than the launch of the first Centrino chips in 2003.

Centrino 2 combines wi-fi capability, which is only usable within about 100 meters of so-called “hot-spot” transmitters, with a newer wireless technology called WiMax, which allows for high-speed data transmission over much bigger distances and can be used to blanket entire cities.

The new processors are intended for notebook computers, as the PC industry moves to more mobile devices with new lighter technologies and development of new wireless networks.

“Notebook computers will be the main industry driver in the future, and notebook sales already outnumber desktop sales in many countries,” said Stanley Huang, director of advanced technical sales and services for Intel Asia Pacific.

Taiwan is in the process of constructing six WiMax wireless networks, and is also the world’s top contract PC producer, with sector leaders Quanta and Compal Electronics manufacturing for Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Sony, among others.