Intel Releases Xeon 7400 Series With Six-Core Chip

Intel Corp released seven new Xeon 7400 Series chip processors on Monday. One of the chips includes the first six-core processor. The giant chip maker said the new products will deliver performance increases of nearly 50 percent.

The Xeon 7400 is formerly code named Dunnington. It has up to 16 MB shared L3 cache. The six-core chip runs at 2.13 GHz and is listed as the Xeon L7455. The price is 2,729.

Intel is focused almost entirely of virtualization advantages of its newest Xeon family of processors.

“With new features such as additional cores, large shared caches and advanced virtualization technologies, the Xeon 7400 series delivers record-breaking performance that will lead enterprises into the next wave of virtualization deployments,” said Tom Kilroy, VP and GM of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group.

The new Xeon series chips come in both quad-core and six-core flavors. They are based on 45nm process technology. The Xeon 7400 include a low-voltage 50W version for blade configurations.

The six-core product is described as the fastest chip in the 45nm Xeon 7400 Series.