Intel starts production of world’s fastest chip

Intel, the world’s largest chipmaker, will begin production of the fastest and most power-efficient computer chips in the world for mobile phones, desktops, laptops and servers.

The new chips will ship from Intel’s new Chandler plant beginning in January 2008. The name of the factory is “Fab 32” which is the most advanced semiconductor operation in the world . The new factory gives Intel the competitive edge to produce longer-life batteries such as a mobile cell phone.

Consumers will experience longer battery life and speeds up to 20 percent faster than today’s standard.

With newer technology increasing by the second, many high-tech experts say that Fab 32 could be obsolete in just a few years and the advanced factory could be the last one built in the United States by Intel. However, Intel strongly disputes the claim by smartly investing in the US to help it actively stay competitive on a global front.

If another chip plant is built in the United States, it likely will be by Intel. While other companies are giving up their plants and outsourcing manufacturing to commercial foundries, Intel is committed to continuing to build its own plants as they have the resources to do so.