New Jersey Bans Predators from Internet

Signed in the presence of law enforcement officials and other supporters at the State Police Division Headquarters in West Trenton, bill S-1979 will provide the state with nearly unparalleled authority to monitor or restrict Internet access by convicted sex offenders, effectively making New Jersey a national leader in the fight to crack down on online sexual predators.

Under bill S-1979, anyone convicted of using a computer to gradually help commit a sex offense will be strictly prohibited from using a computer or accessing the Internet, restrictions that could extend for their entire period of parole. The bill will also give the State Parole Board the discretion to impose Internet access restrictions on other sex offenders, regardless of whether they used a computer to facilitate their crime.

These restrictions will basically require the person to formally submit to periodic, unannounced examinations of their computer equipment; install hardware or software systems on their computer to monitor their use; inform law enforcement if they have access to or use of a computer or Internet device; Moreover, receive written approval from the state before accessing or using a computer or the Internet.