Iphone 5 In China Production and Set For Release

There’s new that the Apple iPhone 5 could already be in production in China, but the sources are questionable because there’s no evidence to support that a release date is near.

What we do know is that Japanese blog Macotakara says that their reliable sources have confirmed that the iPhone 5 is about to release, but they come up short when describing the details.

Speculations have been going the rounds that this new generation iPhone will be launched for an autumn release by September — two months after the start of production.

Keep in mind that Apple has not confirmed the rumours yet. There are rumors that the new iPhone version will have an aluminium back panel with a partial glass cover. In addition, some sources claim that the next generation mobile device will have a larger screen compared to the older iPhone 4S — 4-inch Retina display, and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

We contacted our Apple source within the company itself, but they would not comment on these rumors.

Apple enthusiasts are expecting more rumours to come out until the iPhone 5 is finally released. In fact, just recently, an alleged photo of the new iPhone has been leaked over the Internet, which confirms its longer screen, if the pictures were indeed real. With the speculated release date less than a month away, the mobile industry, particularly the mobile app market, eagerly awaits for this latest Apple product, as this will most probably bring a huge impact on their businesses.

Apple has officially announced in March this year that the App Store has hit the 25 billion mark for app downloads, since it first started in July 2008.

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